About us

ELEKTRAL A.Ş. was founded by Mr. Sayil Dincsoy (M.Sc.) in 1978 and presently continues accelerated high technology production in its 20.000 m² integrated facilities.

 ELEKTRAL A.Ş. has 2 main activities of  production comprised of Security Metal Detectors and Vending Machines.

 ELEKTRAL has Automatic Conveyor Bands, Metal and Plastic foaming stations, High Quality Machinery (Fiber Laser Cutter, Robot Welding, CNC Punch…), R&D Engineering Team, IT Team for software programming, PCB design team and Total Quality Management.

ELEKTRAL also cooperates with Asian, Far-Eastern-German, Italian, US and various European companies for co-production, OEM, ODM and international representation. With our OEM production our products are being distributed Worldwide by well reputed European distributors under their brand name and have been gaining recognition in various competitive platforms.

ELEKTRAL  is one of 3-4 Major WTMD manufacturers that can produce the most advanced Walk-Through Metal Detectors and has achieved a number of awards:

ELEKTRAL A.Ş. has been awarded the No: 1 Company of the shining Stars of the Turkish Export Community for its Metal Detector Exports Worldwide. It has been awarded  by IAOSB (Izmir Ataturk Industrial Zone) as No: 1 Innovation Trophy.

ThruScan® Metal Detectors have been announced The Best Deal at the leading Middle East Security Exhibition INTERSEC in Dubai-UAE.  ThruScan® Metal Detectors has gained a very good Worldwide Reputation and Impressive  References with its high quality and up to date technical features. Our production is in Conformity with NILECJ 0601 American Standards, ECAC (Europian Aviation Conference) Doc 30 latest standards, Complies with CE Norms and strictly follows ISO 9001:2008 QMS procedures. 

ThruScan® sX-İ model has successfully passed ECAC tests and is a WTMD which carries out its tasks smoothly in many airports throughout the World. The product is strides ahead of competitors in Price / Performance.

The level of sensitivity in the ThruScan® dX-X HHMD has not been achieved in any other hand held metal detector in the World.


ThruScan® Metal Detectors are being produced to be competitive not only with the leading companies of the EU and US but even with the Far East origin models.

Some of the references of ThruScan® are provided below.

Formula 1, Unıversıty Olympıcs 2011, Moto GP, Turkish Naval Forces, Egyptian Banks, Various British Consulates, Japanese Consulates, Turkish, Russian and Bulgarian Consulates, Prime Ministries of Turkey, India, Singapore and Bulgaria, Ministry of Home Affairs of Bulgaria, Jailhouses in Israel, Poland, UAE and Macedonia, Airport authority of Frankfurt, Queen Alia-Jordan, Karachi-Pakistan, Erbil-lraq, Vienna, India, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Turkish Prime Ministry Intelligence Service, Turkish Presidential Residence, Pakistan and Moldova Presidential Residences, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Defense and various Military Bases in Turkey. Court Houses and Jail houses in Germany.

ELEKTRAL A.Ş. contributes to the International Security & Defence sector with intensive R&D activities  and Walk-Through Metal Detectors & Hand Held Metal Detectors production for sustainable growth.

We are dedicated to manufacturing top quality high-tech products ahead of the global competition.